The ranchin' part of lone star


The Magical Goats

Goats are an integral part of our organization! Not only are they the bringers of joy, but they are helpful in landscaping and fundraising. Goats help us manage our horse pastures by eating the weeds that the horses won't, which encourages better grass growth. We also fund-raise by putting on Goat Yoga! Ticket sales, donations, and exposure help us keep all of the animals fed and healthy! Lastly, we sell goats to pet and dairy homes which provides extra funds as well as secures our agricultural exemption. 

We hand raise every single goat in our herd to ensure they are easy to handle, gentle, and above all else, SUPER sweet! Nigerian Dwarves are a miniature breed of dairy goats and have a huge, lovable personality!

our Herd



We have a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck available for stud! If you have does you're interested in breeding give us a shout!

Goats for Sponsor


Sponsorship is the next best thing to adoption! Want a goat to spoil, but can't have your very own? Sponsor one of ours with a monthly donation and receive pictures, updates, and visit time if you're local!

The Sale Barn


Need some goat love in your life? We can help with that. Come visit our super sweet herd and add some goats to your family!