Owner Surrenders


Do we take Owner Surrenders?

In short, yes we do. We do not have a lot of space, and in an interest to avoid becoming a hoarding situation, cannot handle more than about 10 horses at a time. This will fluctuate with the difficulty of current residents and the horse you're wanting to surrender. This means that not every surrender will be accepted in to our program.

Do we offer Sanctuary?

We do not offer sanctuary for horses. We are a small facility and do not have the resources or funding to support ongoing medical needs and/or end of life costs on a routine basis. Our program relies on re-homing our horses in order to function and help as many horses as possible.

Is your horse a candidate for our program?

We take in horses from all backgrounds. If your horse has behavioral issues, is underweight, or has significant training issues it may still be a candidate for our program. We have experience with emaciated horses, unhandled horses, and many training issues. Horses that are aggressive towards humans are unlikely to be accepted in to our program, but will be at the discretion of our trainer. Seniors (20+) and lame horses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but are usually not a great fit for our program due to limited adoptability. 

Do we take Kill Pen bail outs?

Because we do not typically have quarantine space available, we have decided that we will not accept horses coming from kill pens. We also do not support the business that it creates for the kill buyers and the money that it puts in their pockets to purchase even more horses to send to slaughter. 

How else can we help?

If you need to re-home your horse, but it does not fit the requirements for us to bring in to our program, we can help you find options. Often times we have people who are looking for certain horses or information on other facilities that may be able to better assist you. 

Do we take other animals?

We are committed to rescuing horses and other equine. We do not have the facilities available to accept dogs, cats, or other livestock.