Sponsorship is a great way to help our cause and get your animal fix!

Becoming a sponsor can fulfill your desire for a barnyard companion while helping us feed and care for our animals. There are many animals available for sponsorship including, dogs, goats, horses, and even a cat! There are many different sponsorship levels with various perks. Choose one that is right for you and while you are sponsoring each animal you are welcome to come spend time with them and learn all about them!

Horses are very expensive to care for and have many needs, even the healthy ones. At a bare minimum, they must be fed a balanced ration, have access to forage, be watered and sheltered, receive regular hoof maintenance, and be seen at least once per year by a veterinarian. Below is a breakdown of our costs for a healthy, post-rehab, barefoot horse that has no special needs.

  • Feed - $122.81 per month
  • Supplements - $20 per month
  • Hay - $50 per month
  • Farrier - $280 per year
  • Regular Annual Vet Costs - $350 per year
  • Emergency Vet Fund in Savings - $500 per year (can rollover if unused)

The cost per horse, per month in our care is $286.98. This doesn't include property maintenance, transportation cost, equipment maintenance, housing, water, or any costs associated with rehabilitating each horse. Most training is donated, but there will be the occasional case that we must hire outside help and that cost is not built in to the list above. Becoming a sponsor, of any animal and in any amount, can help us cover these costs and help us get these horses closer to a forever home!

Animals & Options

All time spent with animals will be under supervision of LSRR Staff. Activities will be determined after our trainer evaluates a sponsor's experience.

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