The boys we can't part with



This boy and his brother are what started our goat craze! We knew we wanted goats, but it started as just 2. It quickly became 10, then 15, then 20, and now 31! Moose is our resident attention hog and he can't get enough brushing. He was bottle raised and it shows in his absolute lack of personal space.



Mouse is one of our sweetest and most dog-like goats on property. He loves to lay in laps and snack on animal crackers. Like Moose, he was bottle raised as well and lacks 100% of a personal space bubble. These boys are 2 of the oldest members of our herd and will be 3 in December. 

Our long-term ladies



Millie was one of the first female additions to our herd. She was rejected by her mother and when she was found, needed critical care. She was bottle raised and was one of our best yoga goats until she outgrew it! She also holds the title of best mother as she will raise any newborn we ask her to, even if they aren't hers! 



Totes is the other first female addition to the herd. We keep her around for her stinky breath and comedic relief. Like Millie, she holds 2 titles. Worst yoga goat (she won't jump) and worst mother! She rejected her kids at birth and we ended up giving them to Millie to raise. Despite her flaws, we are quite attached to her.



Lily is our biggest success story when it comes to goat rehabilitation. She was very young, sick, and scared when we first got her. Since then, she has made a complete 180 and is healthy and friendly. She may not always be the easiest to catch, but she is no longer terrified of being handled for basic care.



Clover is our very stereotypical 'I eat anything and everything' goat. She isn't shy when it comes to eating any sort of food. She's also incredibly brave and tends to protect the whole herd from outside dogs. Clover is also one of our better milking goats! 



Riley is our resident auntie, she's always there for any of the babies that need a little extra cuddle time, no matter who they belong to. She's a bit shy, but has come a long way since she first got here.



Whisper is our loudest goat. She came with the name and we didn't realize how backwards that was! Despite that, she's our helicopter mom and never lets her kids get out of sight. We also call her Wolowitz because she sounds just like Howard's mom on The Big Bang Theory.



Giz is our most affectionate doeling born this year, she is always hungry for attention. Her striking blue eyes and creamy tan color make her one of our most flashy goats!



Jasmine is our most opinionated doeling, she wants attention, but only on her terms. If she isn't in the mood, there will be no catching her, she turns around and tells you to 'talk to the tail'!



Bonny is a little bit different than the rest of our herd. She is a Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf cross. As a result, she's a bit shorter and much wider than everyone else. She is our matriarch, however, and keeps all the other goats in line!



Munchie is also an oddball in our herd, she's a LaMancha goat. They're pretty unique in that they do not have the ears that most other breeds have. Additionally, she is also our only full sized breed of goat!



Fidget is one of our youngest goats currently and is just adorable! She is super lovable and loves to be held and cuddled. Her twin sister is quite adventurous, but she would rather go right to sleep in your arms! 



Midget is Fidget's twin and was the runt at birth. What she lacks in size she more than makes up for in personality! Midget has a fearless, bold personality and we can always find her tackling the biggest climbing obstacles.

Livestock Guardian Dogs



Ginger came to us as an 18 month old with her sister. They had been fostered by well-meaning neighbors of their original home. They're original owners were threatening to shoot the pair because they wouldn't stop barking, which is part of the job they're bred to do. The neighbors took them in for several weeks to save their lives and give them a chance to find a happy life. While Ginger and her sister were safe, they were being kept in a very small area and were not happy. We got in touch with the people who saved them because we were in need of better protection for our herd of goats. We went and got the girls and discovered that they had absolutely no training! Once we got them home we taught them how to walk on leash, got them fully vetted and spayed, and used to daily handling. As time progressed, they individually did well with the goats, but could not be left together as they continuously fought over dominance. We were able to place Ginger's sister with Blue Bonnet Animal Rescue Network who specializes in working with Livestock Guardian Dogs. She fit in beautifully over there and was adopted out quickly to a wonderful, working home. Ginger now lives with our goats and her partner, Candy Cane, 24/7!

Candy Cane


Candy Cane is a more recent addition to the Lone Star Staff! She was placed with us as a partner for Ginger by Blue Bonnet Animal Rescue Network. She had been in their care for quite some time and never really came around to being the friendly type of dog that people typically look to adopt. Blue Bonnet had actually pulled her from different rescue that was not able to work with her effectively because of how skittish she is. Due to her lack of confidence, we felt like our facility would be a great fit for her because of how outgoing Ginger and our goats are. While we wouldn't describe her as friendly, she is as sweet as can be once she is caught and never lashes out. Candy lives out with our goats and does a great job keeping them and the property safe from predators. We work with her on a daily basis and she has made a lot of big strides towards getting comfortable in her new home with us! She and Ginger get along extremely well and are already proving to be a really effective team.