Jerry's Happy Goats Butterbrickle


Our Primary Herd Sire

Brick is our ladies man! He is a wonderfully gentle and smooth talking dude. His personality is to die for and he passes that on to his kids every single time. Even in rut Brick begs for attention and has never even threatened to headbutt a human. We absolutely adore him and all of his babies. He has sired our kids for 2 seasons now and had sired 2 seasons of kids before we got him. He's an easy breeder, works quickly, and takes his job very seriously! Brick is brown eyed and horned.

Past Kids

Brick throws a ton of color! We have been very happy with the kids color and markings, they're gorgeous! Out of the 15 kids he's produced for us, 12 were doelings and 3 were bucklings. Most have a moderate amount of white markings with one being mostly white, and 2 being nearly solid. 

Fruta da Luum


Up & Coming Sire

Bello is our younger, and not yet proven buck. He has taken a while to figure out what he's supposed to do, but he has kicked off the fall breeding season of 2019 with a bang! We are expecting his first kids in late February 2020. From the 4 does he has already bred we are expecting at least 5 kids! He is incredibly sweet, has a wonderful disposition, and comes from decent milkers. He is blue eyed and polled and will be allowing us to breed those traits in to our herd. We are hoping he passes on his color and personality to his kids just like Brick does! We are excited to see what he brings in the spring! We have had him since he was 12 weeks old and he has been a joy to raise and be around, we hope to have him for many more years!