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Ruby is a sweet, but unhandled 2 year old appendix filly. She has been transferred to us from the SPCA of Texas where she had come in with a large group of horses that were seized in a neglect situation. We are currently working on getting her handled and trained to work with us calmly. We intend to get her ready to start under saddle before putting her up for adoption. At that point, she will lead, load, tie, stand for a farrier, be (hopefully) easy to catch, accept tack, and will have been ground driven and ponied on trails. 



Lenny was one of our earliest rescues, was adopted out, and then returned when they were no longer able to keep him. While he was fairly healthy, we think we could do better! He's currently trying to correct his fallen crest and straighten his neck out!



Flea was a slaughter pipeline rescue and came with a colt at her side who we adopted out a couple years ago. The little one in the picture is her surprise filly we were completely unaware of at the time of rescue! Flea now resides with fosters who will likely be adopting her!



Kela is a Thoroughbred mare who is an absolute sweetheart. She was an owner surrender due to loss of land and had very little training. While we were working with her we uncovered some very significant behavioral issues that have caused her not to be a candidate for adoption. She resides on a friend's property where she has the run of 100 acres.



Freddy is a young Quarter Horse gelding who has been through a lot. He was on the road to slaughter when he was initially pulled by a facility in Canton, TX. This so called 'Sanctuary' had starved all of their horses. He was among 80 seized by SPCA TX and over 50 were found already deceased on property. He has since been rehabbed and undergone a lot of training, but has some quirks under saddle that need to be addressed.  As we work with him and get to the root of his training issues we will reevaluate his compatibility level.

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 We currently have a spot open in our program! 

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This is where you'll find the horses that we currently have available for adoption. These horses are ready to leave our facility and be the love of your life! If one really stands out to you, fill out our adoption application and we will set up a time for you to come meet him/her!




This young, flashy gelding is ready to get a family of his own! Freddy has some quirks under saddle that we are still working through, so he is available today, but not to inexperienced homes. He is a sweet, but nervous guy that needs a soft touch and adventurous outlook. He has had a lot of desensitization training and is broke to ride. While he did have a rough start to life, he wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. We are continuing to work with him during his stay with us, and will update his description as we work through his quirks.  

Quick Facts
Age - 4

Height - 14.2hh
Color - Red Dun
Easy to Catch - Most of the time
Training Level - Green broke to ride
Riding Level - Suitable for experienced riders or trainers
Stand for Vet/Farrier  - Yes
Load and Unload Trailers - Yes
Stand for Grooming - Yes

Stand for Tack - Yes

If you are interested in adopting Freddy please fill out the adoption application below and we will be in touch soon!




Ruby is ready to find her very own family! She came to us as a transfer from the SPCA of Texas and was unhandled. Through her training she has become extremely friendly, easy to work with, and has retained her gentle demeanor. Her mother, who was at the SPCA facility with her, was a 16hh+ OTTB. Ruby is a leggy baby and is already 14.2hh at the wither and 14.3hh at the rump! While she will still have some baby moments, she lunges softly in hand and is responsive to cues in hand. Our focus with her has been setting her foundation up for future success and teaching her everything we can from the ground so when she's ready to start under saddle it should be a breeze. Her first time taking tack (pictured) went without event. She acted like an old pro and didn't flinch or even react to any of the tack.

Quick Facts

Age - 2
Height - 14.2hh 

Color - Sorrel/Chestnut

Easy to Catch - Most of the time 

Training Level - Not yet under saddle, takes tack 

Riding Level - Not Broke

Stand for Vet/Farrier  - Yes 

Load and Unload Trailers - Yes 

Stand for Grooming - Yes
Stand for Tack - Yes  


If you are interested in adopting Ruby please fill out the adoption application below and we will be in touch soon!


Adoption Application

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