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First and foremost, we get animals out of situations that can be life threatening. We pull them from the slaughter pipeline, work with local animal control services, take owner surrenders, and help other rescues in need of assistance. We have experience with emaciation, various lamenesses, previous abuse, short and long term neglect, and emergency re-homing needs. 





Once horses (or the occasional goat) have reached our facility we begin the rehab process. This can be anything from feeding up the emaciated horse to lameness correction (if possible) or helping each animal with whatever it takes to get them as close to being 100% healthy as possible. After they are healthy enough to begin exercising we consult with several equine professionals to create a regimen that is optimized for each horse. We spend as much time on this process as each horse needs. A month or a year, we give them everything they need!





After horses have completed their rehabilitation we start looking for someone who will love them as much as we do!  We believe that an educated horse is a better horse and adopt them out with the highest level of training we can give them in the time that we have them. We strive to provide complete transparency throughout our adoptions and make prospective owners aware of any and all issues the horses have or have had with us because honesty is always our policy! We don't want to see any of our horses come back to us because of information we didn't provide. We are patient and wait for the best fit we can find for every horse!

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